Interactive Computer Solutions continuously provides quality services in a wide range of areas: e-Learning and Instructional Design, Web Development, CD-ROM/DVD Media Services, Documentation, and Online hosting and Support. Check out our products section to see some examples of the services below and please contact us for more information.

Take your ideas from print to web.

e-Learning and Instructional Design

Each and every project we approach is carefully planned out and executed. Page layout and interactions are designed to maximize the user's learning, and make their experience enjoyable.

  • Storyboarding
  • e-Learning development
  • Web / LCMS based implementation
  • CD-Rom design and delivery
  • Moodle platform support

Web Development and Applications

Websites are custom designed to fit each client's needs using wc3 compliant and web 2.0 standards.

  • e-Learning web development
  • PHP and ASP coding
  • MYSQL and database applications
  • Flash based interactions and websites
  • Web 2.0 and interactive deisgn
  • Ticket system ( bug reporting / tracking )

Create custom CD and packaging

CD-ROM/DVD Media Services

Besides online delivery, CD-ROM/DVD ROM can be another viable way of delivering and complementing your products; clients can add a personalized touch to all aspects of CD delivery.

  • CD production
  • Cover graphics and packaging design
  • Customized installer
  • Automatic updates features
  • Movie conversion and editing
  • Photobook/picture book for company event
  • Fulfillment services


Today, documentation can be delivered in many formats depending on your requirements, such as HTML pages, e-Book, Web Help, flash Help and PDF. Web Help files (using the common help book format) are particularly useful when accessed on a network. Talk to us about how we can convert all your office documentation so that your employees have quick access to them from any computer.

  • Training documentation for print, web and CD-ROM
  • Conversion of documentation to any electronic format from printed materials or other formats such as PDF
  • RoboHelp documentation for print or web delivery
  • Help file(s) design and integration into applications
  • Intranet Documentation distribution

Online hosting and Support

Online courses can be hosted on various platforms, proprietary or open source. Generally speaking, the open source systems are free to use and can be very cost effective depending on your requirements. The proprietary systems have different price models and depending on your requirements a sophisticated system can start in the 100k plus range. We can help if you need to choose a system.

We use Moodle, an open source CMS/LMS/VLE to host online courses. We offer full course integration and hosting support. Moodle is a proven e-Learning delivery platform with more than 10,000 installations worldwide. For more information visit

We also support course integration and development on Desire2Learn's Learning Management System platform. For more information visit